Service Members

Take Care of the Troops. This simple phrase is one of TRANSCOM’s five priorities and the “North Star” that guided Team ARC’s endeavors. Everything assembled by Team ARC for this new program was designed with the Service Member and their family at the forefront. We know that moving not only can cause significant stress for an individual but can also challenge the mettle of an entire family. This is especially true for you, our nation’s Service Members, who are routinely challenged to relocate every two or three years.

Under the Global HHG Contract (GHC), a single commercial entity will be appointed to oversee activities that relate to the domestic and international movement and storage-in-transit of household goods. Team ARC will provide all personnel, equipment, facilities, tools, materials, supervision, and other items and services necessary to provide global HHG relocation services.

Team ARC will not start operations on the day of contract award. The GHC includes a nine-month transition phase to test systems and procedures to have a successful launch. GHC has phased-in, monthly volume targets for both domestic and international moves. Operations are scheduled to start in early 2022.

Under GHC, Service Members can not only expect consistent, high-quality service, but also the following improvements:


Developed using a user-centered design process, this evolutionary technological solution will facilitate Service Members and their families’ moves around the globe. Via the Homefront app or the web site, Service Members can upload data and images, view notifications, and download reports and documents.

In-Transit Visibility

Detailed point-to-point status updates of your shipment on our website and iOS and Android native mobile applications.

Anytime Customer Service

24-hour, 7-days per week availability whenever you need us, available online or over the phone.

Single Dedicated Contact

A single, centralized point of contact responsible for coordination and communication throughout your move.